MACSio  0.9
Multi-purpose, Application-Centric, Scalable I/O Proxy App
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Here is a list of all modules:
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 MACSIO_DATAData (Mesh) Generation
 MACSIO_LOGMessage logging utilities
 MACSIO_MIFUtilities supporting Multiple Indpendent File (MIF) Parallel I/O
 MACSIO_TIMINGTiming utilities
 TemplateA simple MIF Plugin Template
 JSON-C LibraryJSON-C is a library used within MACSio to manage data
 Object Customization
 Reference Counting
 Object Introspection and Query
 Convenient Path MacrosJSON object hierarchy path query convenience macros
 Alternative Path QueriesJSON object hierarchy path query methods
 Set Primitive Object Values at PathSet (overwrite) primitive value at given path
 Obsolete Path QueriesQuery JSON object hierarchy using key paths (obsolete)
 Aggregate Types
 Object Methods
 Array Methods
 External ArraysObject for maintaining pointer to large, bulk data
 Primitive Types
 Boolean Methods
 Int Methods
 Double Methods
 String Methods
 EnumerationsSupport for enumerated types
 Set Primitive Object ValuesSet (overwrite) value associated with a primitive object