MACSio  0.9
Multi-purpose, Application-Centric, Scalable I/O Proxy App
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macsio_miftmpl.c File Reference
#include <macsio_clargs.h>
#include <macsio_iface.h>
#include <macsio_log.h>
#include <macsio_main.h>
#include <macsio_mif.h>
#include <macsio_utils.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <mpi.h>

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static int process_args (int argi, int argc, char *argv[])
 Process command-line arguments specific to this plugin. More...
static void * CreateMyFile (const char *fname, const char *nsname, void *userData)
 CreateFile MIF Callback. More...
static void * OpenMyFile (const char *fname, const char *nsname, MACSIO_MIF_ioFlags_t ioFlags, void *userData)
 OpenFile MIF Callback. More...
static void CloseMyFile (void *file, void *userData)
 CloseFile MIF Callback. More...
static json_objectwrite_mesh_part (FILE *myFile, char const *fileName, json_object *part_obj)
 Write a single mesh part to a MIF file. More...
static void main_dump (int argi, int argc, char **argv, json_object *main_obj, int dumpn, double dumpt)
 Main MIF dump implementation for this plugin. More...
static int register_this_interface ()
 Method to register this plugin with MACSio main. More...


static char const * iface_name = "miftmpl"
static char const * iface_ext = "json"
static int json_as_html = 0
static int my_opt_one
static int my_opt_two
static char * my_opt_three_string
static float my_opt_three_float
static int const dummy = register_this_interface()
 Dummy initializer to trigger register_this_interface by the loader. More...