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Set Primitive Object Values

Set (overwrite) value associated with a primitive object. More...


json_bool json_object_set_boolean (struct json_object *bool_obj, json_bool val)
json_bool json_object_set_enum_choice_name (struct json_object *enum_obj, char const *name)
json_bool json_object_set_enum_choice_val (struct json_object *enum_obj, int64_t val)
json_bool json_object_set_int (struct json_object *int_obj, int32_t val)
json_bool json_object_set_int64 (struct json_object *int_obj, int64_t val)
json_bool json_object_set_double (struct json_object *double_obj, double val)
json_bool json_object_set_string (struct json_object *string_obj, char const *val)

Detailed Description

Set (overwrite) value associated with a primitive object.

In all these methods, if the object whose value is being set does not match the type for the given method, the object is unchanged and the return value is JSON_C_FALSE. Otherwise, the value is changed and the return value is JSON_C_TRUE.

Function Documentation

json_bool json_object_set_boolean ( struct json_object bool_obj,
json_bool  val 

Definition at line 1552 of file json_object.c.

json_bool json_object_set_enum_choice_name ( struct json_object enum_obj,
char const *  name 

Definition at line 1559 of file json_object.c.

json_bool json_object_set_enum_choice_val ( struct json_object enum_obj,
int64_t  val 

Definition at line 1574 of file json_object.c.

json_bool json_object_set_int ( struct json_object int_obj,
int32_t  val 

Definition at line 1581 of file json_object.c.

json_bool json_object_set_int64 ( struct json_object int_obj,
int64_t  val 

Definition at line 1588 of file json_object.c.

json_bool json_object_set_double ( struct json_object double_obj,
double  val 

Definition at line 1595 of file json_object.c.

json_bool json_object_set_string ( struct json_object string_obj,
char const *  val 

Definition at line 1602 of file json_object.c.