MACSio  0.9
Multi-purpose, Application-Centric, Scalable I/O Proxy App
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Data (Mesh) Generation. More...


struct json_objectMACSIO_DATA_MakeRandomObject (int nthings)
struct json_objectMACSIO_DATA_GenerateTimeZeroDumpObject (json_object *main_obj, int *rank_owning_chunkId)
int MACSIO_DATA_GetRankOwningPart (json_object *main_obj, int chunkId)
int MACSIO_DATA_ValidateDataRead (json_object *main_obj)
int MACSIO_DATA_SimpleAssignKPartsToNProcs (int k, int n, int my_rank, int *my_part_cnt, int **my_part_ids)

Detailed Description

Data (Mesh) Generation.

Function Documentation

struct json_object* MACSIO_DATA_MakeRandomObject ( int  nthings)

Definition at line 288 of file macsio_data.c.

struct json_object* MACSIO_DATA_GenerateTimeZeroDumpObject ( json_object main_obj,
int *  rank_owning_chunkId 

Definition at line 837 of file macsio_data.c.

int MACSIO_DATA_GetRankOwningPart ( json_object main_obj,
int  chunkId 

Definition at line 946 of file macsio_data.c.

int MACSIO_DATA_ValidateDataRead ( json_object main_obj)

Definition at line 955 of file macsio_data.c.

int MACSIO_DATA_SimpleAssignKPartsToNProcs ( int  k,
int  n,
int  my_rank,
int *  my_part_cnt,
int **  my_part_ids 

Definition at line 961 of file macsio_data.c.