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A key to successfully developing next-generation HPC capabilities is bringing together the know-how and best minds of industry leaders and national labs to work on this grand challenge."Thuc Hoang,
National Nuclear Security Administration

The FastForward program is a public–private partnership between industry and DOE that aims to accelerate research and development of critical technologies needed for extreme-scale computing. Many Department of Energy (DOE) applications vital to national security and scientific discovery place extreme requirements on computations, data movement, and reliability. To meet these needs, the DOE requires exascale systems that operate at quintillions of floating point operations per second (exaflop), where top supercomputers today are performing at petaflops. FastForward funds new or existing innovative technologies targeted for productization within a 5- to 10-year timeframe.

In 2012, awards to advance innovative extreme-scale computing technology were given to five companies in three high-performance computing technology areas: processors, memory, and storage and input/output.
Under the contract awards:

  • AMD is working on processors and memory for extreme systems
  • IBM is also working on memory for extreme systems
  • Intel Federal is working on energy efficient processors and memory architectures
  • Nvidia is working on processor architecture for exascale computing at low power, and
  • Whamcloud (now part of Intel) is leading a group working on storage and input/output.

The total value of the contracts is $62.5 million and covers a two-year period of performance through fiscal year 2014.

The FastForward program is managed by LLNL on behalf of seven national laboratories, including Lawrence Berkeley, Los Alamos, Sandia, Oak Ridge, Argonne, and Pacific Northwest. Technical experts from the participating national laboratories helped select the proposals and are working with the selected vendors on co-design.

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